Steve Austin Says WWE Is Very Constricted Right Now, Talks In-Ring Future, His Last Match

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with Brian Fritz for FOX Sports. The full interview can be read at this link. Below are highlights:

Possibly having one more match:

"I think 99.9 percent I've had my last match. If I felt froggy and wanted to jump for any particular reason, just because I said right now I have the fever for it, I'd like to do it. But for all practical, intrinsic, whatever kind of purposes, I'm done. Again, if I felt like it, could I? Yeah. Would I? In a dream world. possibly. I'm not trying to promote a match and pretty much I am done. I would always reserve the option."

The current WWE system:

"I was just at the pay-per-view Hell in a Cell and prior to that I was in Dallas at a Monday Night Raw and, man, the system is very constricted right now. I feel for the guys in the system. I had a lot more creative freedom back in the day. These days, it's a very rigid system and it's very political. Because of the system that I was in, I could never comply to the current system. I ain't knocking it. I'm just saying I couldn't fly in that system with so many restrictions on me."

Austin also discussed Brock Lesnar, his reality TV work, WrestleMania 32, WWE 2K16 and more in the full interview. You can also listen to the entire interview at this link.

Source: FOX Sports


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