Steve Austin Talks Seth Rollins' Injury, WWE Roster Needing To Step Up

Troy Hughes of 105.3 THE FAN Dallas/Ft. Worth interviewed WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at last night's WrestleMania Pre-Sale Party at AT&T Stadium. Austin talked about this weekend's Cowboys vs. Eagles NFL game, as well as Seth Rollins getting injured and being out of action for 6-9 months.

Austin talked being forced out of action during his hot run and noted that it allowed The Rock and Triple H - who he noted were already stars on the rise - to really break out. With Rollins being out, Austin noted that it's "bad and sad" that Rollins got hurt, but it creates opportunities for talent.

"These guys in waiting that have been thinking if they had a shot, now is their chance to seize that opportunity," Austin said. "It's sink or swim now, and they're going to get an opportunity that they normally wouldn't have had coming."

Source: 105.3 THE FAN Dallas/Ft. Worth


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