TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell recently spoke with FOX411 about becoming a born-again Christian and her TNA career. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

You said that life on the road as a WWE Diva was partly responsible for getting you off your path but you continue to wrestle with TNA with that there’s revealing clothes and sexy storylines. So, how do you walk that line of being a performer and a Christian?

That is something I’m actually struggling with now. You know it certainly wasn’t the fault of WWE or the fault of any other entertainment company that I’ve worked for. It wasn’t the fault of Playboy. These were all my decisions and these were, you know, my life choices that I made that were, you know, certainly not of a Christian lifestyle. Like you said, the sexiness and, you know, me essentially being a temptation to men and, you know, that’s sort of the thing I learned that I really want to be a role model. I truly do. I want to be able to help other people get saved just as people helped me to be saved so, you know, that is something I’m struggling with now and realizing that, you know, even in the way that I dress it is important to be Christian. It is important to be more modest and I want to use the ability that I have as performing to connect people. You know, I love to perform. I love to entertain. God gave me those skills to do so and I’ve learned that He put me on this Earth to be able to use that and to reach people, and to bring people near God.

Is that [not wanting to dress provocative or sexy anymore] conflicting though with your career as a TNA wrestler? Do you think at some point you might have to walk away from that job in order to stay on the path that you’re choosing right now?

Absolutely. I think that I have played, and recently, I have played an even more sexy character than I was used to playing, and it’s something that I prayed on and I know that’s not who I want to portray anymore. I know that’s not who I am and it’s not who I want to portray, and how can I connect with people, and sort of live that double standard. And yes, if I cannot find a way to use God and be godly in the things that I do then yes, it is time to walk away.

Taryn talked more about her faith, if there’s a double standard for “a godly woman”, her past and more in the full interview.

Source: FOX

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