WrestlingInc.com correspondent Scott H. recently caught up with former WWE star Chris Chavis, who wrestled as Tatanka in WWE. During the chat, Tatanka discussed his long undefeated streak in the WWF from 1992-1993.

Tatanka said that from day one, Vince McMahon told him that he was going to have a very long undefeated streak and that it was going to really mean something and would ultimately make Tatanka a star. Vince also told him that when the time came, he wanted Tatanka to lose to someone who was going to make a major difference and that taking Tatanka’s streak would elevate them.

Tatanka expressed a bit of shock that Ludvig Borga was selected to be the man to beat him. Tatanka gave me the impression that the idea had been a little rushed and that he hadn’t had much notice that Borga was going to be the man to beat his streak. WWF had major plans for Borga, which included possibly a WWF Title run, but Tatanka said that he didn’t think Borga wanted it that much and maybe the office just gave up on him.

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