The Dudleys Talk WrestleMania 32, The Dream Match That They're "Not Supposed To Talk About"

The Dudley Boys appeared on talkSPORT's Gorilla Position podcast and talked about WrestleMania 32. They talked about The Rock's success, noting that they love it when he comes back to the company and that Rock has "remained a good friend through the years." They also noted that WWE needs to have all hands on deck if they're planning to pack AT&T Stadium with 100,000 people, which includes bringing back stars like Rock and Steve Austin.

Bubba Ray also stated that there weren't many dream matches left, although there was one.

"The dream match that people are talking about that we're not supposed to talk about is Austin and Brock [Lesnar]," Bubba Ray said, via The Sun. "I don't think that's going to happen but there's a dream match for you.

"Rocky versus anybody is going to be entertaining. Rocky and Hunter yes, we've seen it before, but those guys will definitely put on a match that'll tear the house down."

The Dudleys also talked about NXT, fans wanting to see Velvet Sky in WWE and more. You can read more highlights from the podcast at The Sun by clicking here, or check out the full podcast at this link.

Source: The Gorilla Position Podcast


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