"The Nightly Show" On Racism In Wrestling: Tommy Dreamer Reveals Most Racist Thing He's Seen, Virgil

The Nightly Show recently looked at racism in pro wrestling and asked if the business has always been racist, which you can watch above. Tommy Dreamer and Virgil were interviewed in the piece.

Dreamer was asked about racism in wrestling and the most racist thing he had seen. Dreamer noted that the "n-bomb" has been dropped on television, and also mentioned the 1995 National Wrestling Conference event where Jim Neidhart wore a KKK outfit and attacked Virgil.

Virgil was then interviewed and was chastised for essentially being Ted Dibiase's slave. Virgil noted that he was just playing a character and was getting paid. When asked if there was anything he wouldn't do for a dollar, he replied, "there's a lot of things I wouldn't do for a dollar. That's a dollar. But how many things would you do for a hundred thousand dollars?" Virgil then taught the interviewer how to be a Mexican stereotype called "The Border Jumper."

DCG_Moo contributed to this article.


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