The Wolves, one of the most successful teams in TNA and ROH history, spoke with Ring Rust Radio recently about their careers and the decision to leave Ring of Honor. You can see highlights below, and the full interview above.

The Wolves are obviously one of the premier tag teams in wrestling right now, but as experts in tag team wrestling, what are some other teams out there either in TNA or other companies that you guys believe are among the best, and would like to maybe go up against at some point?

Davey: I think tag wrestling is so good right now that it makes it a hard question to ask right now. I think the Young Bucks are great, reDRagon is great, and the Heat Seekers from North Carolina are great. There are a lot of teams from all over that are great and we enjoy wrestling them all and we would like to wrestle them again.

Eddie: I think a lot of fans would like to see us go against either the Bucks or reDRagon. Then there is the Killer Elite Squad over in Japan and the Time Splitters. Basically the best teams in the world are the ones we want to face, and that’s what the fans want to see too.

While many fans know you as tag team performers, both of you found legitimate success as singles competitors during your time with Ring of Honor. Do you ever get the itch to make another run on your own or do you see yourself as exclusively tag team partners?

Davey: We always have wanted to have success in the singles competition. When we talk about how we want to be X-Division Champion and World Champion, yes we both do but it’s never in lieu of the tag team. The tag team always comes first. It’s like a very successful band and members of it want to create solo albums. They obviously want their solo albums to do well, but they don’t want them to break up the band. The Wolves always come first and foremost and always will, but if we can have some singles success we would welcome it.

Eddie: We are both competitors and we want to be the best out there. Like Davey said, it’s not in spite of the tag team and the team always comes first. We discuss everything first, it’s always team, team, team. If we get the opportunity to show off in the singles then we take the advantage.

Before coming to TNA, you guys had a ton of success in ROH both as individuals and as a team. A lot of comparisons get thrown around between TNA and ROH nowadays since they’re both on Destination America, but having been key players in both companies, what would you say are some of the biggest differences between them?

Davey: ROH is more geared to a live experience wrestling type of product. They have a lot of younger guys who are up and coming and trying to make their name which is awesome. TNA is more of a TV product with a lot of guys that are around and made their names elsewhere and a lot more experience. It is a different flavor than what ROH brings so it’s a good one two combo with two companies that offer something unique and are unique in what they do.

Eddie: With ROH, you are going to have those longer matches that you won’t see week to week on TNA. Styles wise, TNA is quicker and flashier where ROH is more hard-hitting. You can’t go wrong with either one so for wrestling fans in general just watch them both.

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Ring Rust Radio: Before you made the jump to TNA, you had a tryout with WWE’s NXT. What was that experience like for you, and would you ever consider going back in the future?

Davey: It was great! They treated us really well there. It was long days but very enjoyable days. Everything they said they were going to do they did do and they were very respectful. The facility there is absolutely amazing and we got to work with Dusty Rhodes at the time. We would definitely entertain the thought of going back there but we are very happy with TNA so I don’t see any reason to leave at this time.

Eddie: They treated us great and it was a great experience to see how it works down there. It was something cool and I say never say never but right now TNA is where it’s at.

There’s constantly speculation regarding TNA and its future out there on the Internet, so for you guys, who are two of the top stars in the company and two of the most accomplished wrestlers in the locker room, how do you handle all the rumors? What kind of impact, if any, do they have one you?

Davey: Eddie and I have an agreement that we stay as far away from drama and rumors as we can. We focus on how we can make our team better from upgrading our look and Eddie making leaps and bounds over his physical appearance since we joined TNA. We have only gotten better at wrestling so we don’t concern ourselves with gossip and rumors. They have always treated us well and all we focus on is wrestling.

Eddie: We don’t focus on behind the scenes or in the office, were not worried about that. Our job is to go out there, perform in the ring, and that’s it. We do that each and every week.