TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Edwards. Vs. Richards, Young Vs. Roode, Knockouts, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Brooke Adams vs. Madison Rayne

We opened with a clip of Madison says she knows she has to win and get points in this match or she can't advance. Lock up to start and Madison drags Brooke into the corner. Madison with a headlock. Brooke fights back and hits a dropkick for the two count. Madison goes after Brooke's broken finger. Brooke fights back with some kicks. Shoulderblock and roll up by Brooke for the two. Elbow by Brooke gets another two. Brooke goes for the clothesline. She misses. Madison hits the Rayne check for the three. Madison now has three points. The commentators remind us that the whole KO title series group are now tied in points. The two girls shook hands after the match.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Eric Young promo in the parking lot. He says everyone is out to get him. But, no matter what, he is still a winner. He vows to show it against Bobby Roode tonight.

Rockstar Spud vs. Bram

Bram won with the Brighter Side of Suffering. Pretty brutal squash match and the crowd sounded a little deflated, but Spud did try to take things to the air and out-pace Bram. The size difference was just too much to overcome, though. Bram came off as rather sadistic in the way he was torturing Spud for the fans and was a good heel. Bram now has three points in Team United Kingdom. Bram vs. Grado will happen next week.

Winner: Bram

Roode is interviewed backstage. He discusses his long history with Young. He wants to end the year as TNA world champ and King of the Mountain.

Mandrews vs. Manik

Lock up. Pope and Matthews remind us that Manik has three points in his division, while Mandrews has none. Mandrews hits the atomic drop .He goes for the cover but Manik kicks out quickly. Mandrews works over Manik's arm. Deathlock and Snapmare by Manik but Mandrews hits back. Manik hits the cradle but only gets a two count. The guys fight in the corner. Hurricanrana and springboard DDT by Mandrews but he's too tired and exhausted to go for the pin. Manik gets up and goes for the head-scissors, but misses. Hits the splash but only gets the two. They manage to get up, Mandrews goes for another sanding splash but Manik is able to get in the GTS for the victory. Manik now has six points, meaning he is leading the division.

Winner: Manik

Promo airs hyping up Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards match.

Eric Young says he is going to attack Roode as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Jeff Hardy interview. He talked about his rough year and TNA aired clips of his motorcross accident and the broken leg he suffered as a result.

We see the wolves come out together.

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards

Lock up. Eddie goes for the arm, but Davey scrambles out of it. They go to the ropes before the ref forces them to break up. Various quick exchanges and it's clear these two know the other's movesets inside out. Both men are down. Ref starts to count but both guys are up now. The fans are very into this match. Armdrag by Eddie. Commercial break. Dropkick and Suplex by Richards. He goes for the pin but Eddie gets the shoulder up quickly. The fans are screaming "Wolves!" and behind both men. Another lock up.Eddie hits the dropkick for a cover, but Richards gets out of it. Eddie goes after Davey with chops and goes after the neck. Eddie goes for the elbow, but misses. Davey counters with the suplex. Both guys are down. They get up and exchanges punches and chops. Davey hits the backwards headstand. Eddie goes for the sunset flip, but Davey reverses and Eddie gets out with a backslide. More reversals and counters, with neither guy seeming able to get the best of the other. Match goes to a draw just as Eddie hits a lariat. Both men get a point here.

Result: Time limit Draw

We learn that Matt Hardy has advanced and is now the Group of 16.

Jeff Hardy interview, part 2. Jeff talks about his leg and wanting to give up and go home after it happened. He talked about how painful it was for him to sit on the couch in his living room and watch Matt vacate the tag team titles. He complains about being EC3's assistant and makes jokes about how stupid a person Tyrus is. He says he doesn't regret attacking Carter at BFG, but admits it wasn't fair to get involved. He says Matt did the right thing in giving up the belt and will reclaim in the world titles series. He urges the fans to get strongly behind his brother.

We see Eddie and Davey backstage. They say they brought out the best in each other and thank the thanks for being so passionate about the match. They call them "the third wolf."

Roode finds and confronts Young in the locker room. He tells Young to try and take a shot at him if he dares. Roode is visibly frustrated and slamming things. Young laughs and says he has gotten to him mentally.

Shera vs. Kenny King

Short match. Not very good. Shera won with the Sky High after King went to the air for a tornado but got caught. With six points, Shera is the lead in group wildcard. Kenny is on three.

Winner: Shera

Christmas ad for the ShopTNA site airs.

Young comes to the ring and verbally insults the fans. He calls himself a world class performer and wrestler. Roode is out now and coming down the aisle to shut him up once and for all. We learn that Kim vs. Madison and Young vs. Carter is scheduled for next week. The winners all advance to the next round.

Robert Roode vs. Eric Young

Good match. Young won with the piledriver after pushing Rooode into Hebner. Everyone in Group TNA Originals are all tied on points now.

Winner: Eric Young

The show goes off the air with Young celebrating.


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