Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Wacky promo airs. Madison is now "The Ninja Queen." OK, then. Is Russo back?

Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

Lock up to start. Ref breaks them up in the corner. Gail goes for the crucifix but can't can't get the two. Trip by Madison for a two. Gail with the jacknife for another two. They brawl through the ropes and Madison hits an elbow. Madison has gotten way better as a wrestler. Gail with the crossbody. She goes for another one but Madison gets out the way and Gail is sent to the outside. Madison goes after her and Gail sends her face-first into the stairs. Back in the ring Kim goes for the pin but gets a 2. Gail tries to get in a sleeperhold but Madison punches her and goes for the pin. Another 2. Crossbody by Madison. Madison then tries the Rayne Check but Gail hits the cradle for the three count. She is now into the final sixteen! Decent match, but Madison's new gimmick seems rather strange, quite frankly.

Winner: Gail Kim

Matt Hardy talks to the pope about the World Title Series. He's glad to be in the final 16 and is proud to be the first one who qualified for it. He says he wants Ethan Carter III to go all the way too, so he can beat him again for the WHC belt and have it be non-controversial and incontestable this time.

Eli Drake vs. Jesse Godderz

Eli cut a promo then won a short match by getting his foot on the ropes for the pin. Eli has three points, Godderz has four.

Winner: Eli Drake

EC3 shows up at the TNA offices. He has a package to deliver.

Eli Drake talks about his victory. He told Jesse that he warned him this would happen. Josh and Pope talk up next week's episode of Impact. Young is going to face Storm.

Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Edwards

The two start off exchanging wristlocks. Crowd is divided, but are pulling a bit more for Eddie, it seems. Headlock exchange. Matt went for the head-scissors but he got out of it. Matt follow up with some elbow drop. Eddie went to knife edge chop Matt and accidentally hit the ring post instead. Ouch. That sounded like it really must have hurt. Matt capitalizes and goes after the injured hand. He slams it onto the steel steps. Matt hits the side effect on the ring apron, Eddie counter with a DDT on Matt in the corner. Back in the ring Matt fails at at twist of fate attempt and both me are down. Ref starts the ten count. Both guys are up and exchanging sleeper holds. Matt hits a powerslam for a two.Eddie tries to get a schoolboy roll up then tries to go up top but Matt stops him. Matt hooks in the neck and hits a twist of fate off of the top rope for the three count. Very good match.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Back at TNA headquarters, Ethan Carter waltzes into his aunt's office to give her his BFG fine. She might as well rob him face to face. Dixie is utterly horrified by how mean and cruel he has become. He tells her he will win back the belt whether she likes it or not. He vows to beat Anderson tonight. The idea is that while Anderson is out of the competition, he can still stop Carter going forward.

Matt talks about his victory and praises Edwards' toughness.

DJZ vs. Mandrews

DJZ won after Mandrews went for the shooting star press and he got his legs up and kicked him in the gut. DJZ with the inside cradle for the pin. Good match, but a bit too short. Mandrews looked good, even in losing though. He can really fly and did a great hurricanrana. Not sure if he needs the skateboard, though. Three points for Zema.

Winner; DJZ

Promo video of Mahabli training at the gym.

Eric Young hypes up his match with Storm next week. He says he will piledrive him and send him out of the competition, just like he did to Roode last week. Watching NXT makes me think this is probably true.

Video of EC3 in India. He vows to win back the belt.

We see highlights of Micah/Crimson and learn that Micah defeated him earlier in the evening. Crimson is now out of the competition.

Drew Galloway promo video airs. He talks about being in Scotland and coming back to the USA to win the World Title Series.

Carter comes out with Tyrus and it is time for the main event.

Ethan Carter III vs. Ken Anderson

Carter won the match and is now on seven points. Finish came about Anderson grabbed a chair to take care of Tyrus after he kept interfering and broke up his pin on Carter. Anderson threw the chair after away and Ethan hit a low blow followed up by the one percenter. Anderson countered with the mic check but Carter turned into a jackknife for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter

Brooke vs. Kong, Abyss vs. Roode and Young vs Storm is hyped as the show goes off the air.