TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Final 16, Lashley Vs. Aries, Kurt Angle Interview, More

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Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. DJZ

Uno and DJZ double-team Manik at first, but it falls apart quickly when Uno hits a clothesline on DJZ. Cool moonsault onto the outside from Uno as he takes out both guys. Back in the ring Manik and Zema brawl. DJZ gets the first pin when he nails Manik with a DDT. DJZ is now through to the final 16. Now it's down to Manik and Tigre. Manik goes for a roll up on Tigre but can't get the three. They brawl in the corner. Uno gets in another moonsault for a two. Manik tries to take Uno up top for the chair, but Uno suplexes his way out. Uno with the split legged corkscrew. Uno pins Manik. He advances to the final 16. Manik is out of the World Title Series.

Winners: DJZ and Tigre Uno

We go to Drew Galloway at the airport. He vows to go on in the series and bring the world championship home. He says he's given up the chance of getting married and having kids to succeed in wrestling. He says the industry is his wife.

Rockstar Spud v. Drew Galloway

Drew pinned Spud with the Claymore running boot after Drew caught Spud in the running charge. Drew is now in the final 16. Spud is out. Good match and Spud looked very competitive.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Bram vs. Grado

Bram won in less than five seconds with the schoolboy while Grado was busy dancing. Bram advances. Grado has been eliminated. Poor Grado has zero points.

Winner: Bram

Micah vs. Jessie Godderz

Lock up to start. Micah with the arm suplex. Jessie gets out of the ring for a breather, but Micah nails him with a double axe. Back in the ring, Jessie shoves him into the corner and unloads with punches and kicks. Goes for the drop toe hold. Micah tries to fight back but Jessie hits a dropkick. Jessie taunts him and heels it up to the fans in the crowd. Micah fights back with a kick to the face. He hits the stinger splash. He hits the TKO for the three but Jessie get his feet on the ropes. Micah goes up top but misses and Jessie gets in the Adonis Crab for the win by submission. Jessie advances.

Winner: Jessie Godderz

Kurt Angle talks about how he can't wait for TNA to come back to Britain. He reminds everyone this is his retirement tour. He says he's a better career in TNA wrestling than anywhere else. Take that, Vince.

Davey Richards vs. Robbie E

Richards needs to win here. Lock up to start, Robbie goes for the waistlock but Richards gets out of it with ease. Staredown. Robbie goes for the headlock but Davey gets out of it. Davey tries for the arm drag but Robbie powers out. Dropkick by Davey. Davey goes for a kick on the apron but Robbie reverses with a senton. Exploder by Davey gets a two count. He goes for the Indian Deathlock but Robbie is able to get to the ropes. Ref forces Davey to let go of the hold. Robbie gets up and the two have another staredown. Brawling. Robbie hits the clothesline for the two. Robbie goes for the Boom Drop but only gets a two. He goes for the sleeper but Davey escapes. Davey tries for a German but Robbie blocks. Creeping death by Davey and it's all over.

Winner: Davey Richards

Crazzy Stevve vs. Kenny King

Kenny won with the Royal Flush to advance. Short match. Aidan O'Shea and Crazzy Steve are both out of the tournament now.

Winner: Kenny King

Backstage promo with Austin Aries, Thea Trinidad is there. Austin praises Lashley for being one of the toughest guys in the wrestling business. He says Lashley is a smart guy too. But he says Lashley will have to go through him tonight, and he is Austin Aries, the greatest that ever lived.

Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries

Thea is out with Aries again. Aries and Lashley circle for a while and we get some mat work. Aries trie to get Lashley in the headlock but Lashley powers out of it. Aries snaps Lashley's head off of the rope and sends him outside. He goes for a dive. Back in the ring, Lashley still dominates. He throws Aries out of the ring and follows. Aries is trying to get away but Lashley sends him back into the ring with force. Lashley puts Aries in a waistlock as he tries to elbow out of it. Aries goes for the Discus but Lashley suplexes out of it. Lashley throws Aries onto the apron. Aries counters with the missile dropkick. Lashley counters with a powerslam to get a two. Lashley goes for the destroyer but Aries is able to elbow out. Dropkick onto Lashley by Aries. Aries tries for a brainbuster but Lashley suplexes him. Lashley charges but Austin gets out of the way and Lashley is sent flying out of the ring. Aries with a suicide dive but his feet get caught on the rope and he hits the barricade. Ouch. Nasty, nasty spot. Aries is in bad shape as the ref checks out him at ringside. Aries gets back in the ring. Lashley looking for a spear.Ref makes him give Aries a bit of breathing space for a few moments. Aries gains some wind back and hooks in the Last Chancery, but Lashley gets to the bottom rope. Austin goes for the 450 splash but Lashley gets out of the way. Spear from Lashley and it's all over. Lashley advances.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We get a promo featuring the 16 competitors. Ethan Carter and DJZ exchange words. Carter trash talks Matt Hardy as well. Bram vs. Davey is happening too, with Davey saying Bram is tough but not tough enough to stop a wolf. Eric Young brags about how he will beat Kenny King. Eric says he's the King of the World. Godderz says he's not scared of taking on Kong. Roode vs Hardy is taking place too. Roode says he has respect for Matt but still intends to beat him. Good video.


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