TNA President Dixie Carter Talks TNA Moving To Pop TV, TNA Entering Their 15th Year

Rumors have been swirling for months about the future of TNA Wrestling as it pertains to their television deal in 2016. Yesterday, the company announced that they would be moving to Pop TV starting in January.

In a video released on TNA Wrestling's Youtube, play-by-play announcer Josh Mathews interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter about the move, which will be the company's third network in 13 months.

"On a live broadcast, we're going to Tuesday nights 9-11 Eastern and Pacific time. We can't wait. I knew from the moment I met with these people. They're all about the fans, everything fandom. Who has better fans than wrestling?" Dixie said.

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Carter also touted the visibility of Pop TV, which formerly operated under the name of the TV Guide Channel.

"85 million homes are going to have the ability to watch Impact Wrestling on Tuesday nights. I couldn't be happier, and I think everybody's going to be thrilled. It's our fifteenth year, it's going to be big, we're going to make history." Carter said.

You can see the full video of Carter's comments above.


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