Tommy Dreamer On Who Should Win WWE Title, Rey Mysterio Vs. AJ Styles, Mysterio In Game, The Pope

- Tommy Dreamer sat in on Busted Open yesterday with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca to talk all things pro wrestling and his House of Hardcore. He also weighed in on the current WWE product, focusing in on the tournament to crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Dreamer noted that he thinks that Dean Ambrose should win the tournament.

"Me personally, I think Dean Ambrose is the guy," Dreamer said. "I think Dean Ambrose has the people's - the people are behind Dean Ambrose. There's an underdog way and there's also that star way and both – to me honestly, Dean Ambrose should be the guy and it could then have Roman Reigns be like, 'That was supposed to be my spot'. Now you're totally flipping the switch and making Roman Reigns the jealous guy, you know, and if you want to go further down layers, you could have an awesome beat-down. Here comes, let's say, the Wyatt Family. Let's say they get all back together and then who comes out of his injury? Seth Rollins and then you have The Shield back together again. Because we never really had the big Shield vs. the Wyatt Family, which I thought should've been a WrestleMania match. They should never have touched."

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- 5 Star Wrestling announced that Rey Mysterio will be a character in their upcoming PlayStation 4 game, 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis.

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To promote the game, the company will hold several events in the U.K. in mid-January, including an event headlined by Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles in Sheffield. Below is the official announcement:

Massive Announcements From Team Behind 5 Star Wrestling

Serious Parody Ltd, the Dundee games development studio behind the 5 Star Wrestling video game series, today announced that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, has signed on to be a character in their newly announced PlayStation 4 title - 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis.

Billed as the "The Pro Evolution Soccer of Professional Wrestling Games", ReGenesis is set to launch in early 2016 and will look to focus on fun yet strategic gameplay. "We here at Serious Parody have huge plans for 5 Star Wrestling and signing the absolute greatest high flyer of all time, Rey Mysterio, is not only an incredible step in the right direction for our company but on a personal level, as a life long wrestling fan, it's a dream come true to work with one of the very best wrestlers in history. Rey Mysterio could sign with the WWE at anytime but he has chosen to work with us instead; it's truly surreal and hopefully a sign of big things to come." said Serious Parody Founder & CEO: Dan Hinkles.

That's not all.

Serious Parody have launched 5 Star Wrestling as a major new wrestling promotion and today have announced the 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis Tour, kicking off January 13th in the Newcastle Metro Arena, before moving to the Sheffield Arena on the 14th of January and then hosting a 5 Star show at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Friday the 15th. "We are aiming to smash records with the 5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis Tour. These are by far the biggest wrestling shows that a UK promoter has ever hosted and we've signed an army of the best wrestlers from around the world to host 3 incredible nights of 5 Star Wrestling entertainment."

If the first match announcement is anything to go by, it's no exaggeration either.

On January 14th, for the first time ever, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, will take on the former IWGP and TNA World Heavyweight Champion: AJ Styles, in a truly historic dream match that has never been possible before now. "AJ Styles is arguably the greatest wrestler on the planet today. Top tier wrestling personalities including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Taz and Jim Ross, have all recently pointed out that he should be applying his trade in the WWE. To have him go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio… there honestly isn't a bigger match that a wrestling promoter other than Vince McMahon himself could make right now. It's never been possible before and who knows if it will ever happen again and I'm so excited to be able to give wrestling fans an opportunity to see this match." said Hinkles.

Tickets for these historic events, go on sale Thursday, November 12th, over on and wrestling fans should pay close attention to the 5 Star Wrestling Facebook page, as several major announcements will be made over the coming weeks in relation to the shows and the video game series. "We have done everything we can to sign the ultimate roster for these events and there are more historic matches still to be announced."


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