Triple H Talks Vince McMahon's Thoughts On NXT, Being In His Current Position, More

As noted, Triple H was a guest on Z107's Greg and the Morning Buzz radio show. Triple H talked about how blessed he feels to be in his position and discussed Vince McMahon's feelings on NXT.

During the interview, Triple H said that he never dreamed that he would be in the position he is in now and reluctantly admitted that he feels blessed.

"You hate to use the word 'blessed' or anything like that because it's just so overused and all that," Triple H stated. "But you hear so many people say it all the time. You hear it in sports and 'I'm so blessed to do this' and I guess the guy you just beat wasn't quite as blessed. But it's just used and it's a cliche, right?"

According to Triple H, McMahon loves NXT because it is still his company, even if he is not as hands on with the product as he is with the rest of WWE's programming. Triple H said that NXT was designed to fill a certain niche.

"Look, at the end of the day, [NXT]'s his company, right? I mean, I'll see people say, 'oh, NXT is the second biggest promotion.' Well, no, it's part of the biggest promotion in the world. We've just kind of created our own thing in our own niche. And to be able to take it from what it was, a developmental thing and trying to get people to that next level, which is still the goal, right? It's still the goal. To take it to where we have is huge." Triple H continued, "we're just giving [the audience] an opportunity to have another brand and another thing to watch and enjoy. And if you're a fan of what we do, then that's awesome. And, look, it's designed to fill that niche. That's exactly what it's designed to do."

In addition to these topics, Triple H talked about the possibility of Hulk Hogan returning to WWE and suggested that the IWC criticizes WWE without knowing even a fraction of the factors that come into play in booking decisions. Click here to check out the entire interview.

Source: Greg and the Morning Buzz


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