- TNA will not be using material from their tapings this past summer for the finals of the TNA World Title Series. The final four of the series will take place during the TNA tour in India in early December.

- The Great Khali spoke to reporters in India last week about the future of pro wrestling in the country. According to Zee News, Khali said that the country has a great future for the business, but that "better infrastructure and facilities" are required.

- Sportskeeda interviewed WWE International President Gerrit Meier about WWE's live events in New Delhi in January. During the interview, Meier was asked what drove their interest to hold an event there in January.

"I think the interest was always there," Meier said. "I think it was all about making it happen through the partnerships here, as well as finding the right venues and setting up to go the distance.

"So, it's a large scale event; when we come, there are a lot of talented superstars and divas to actually pull it off and gives the fans the kind of show that they expect which requires a lot of planning. So we're excited that this is happening."