Vince Russo's Nuclear Heat #6: Plight Of Women's Wrestling, Sable, Why Nikki Bella Has His Attention

In the sixth installment of Nuclear Heat, Vince examines the history of women's wrestling from the days of the Fabulous Moolah, to where it is today. Using many of his own personal experiences in working with some of the top women in the business, Vince attempts to shine a light on what really draws when it comes to female wrestling in 2015.

All this plus:

* WWF putting women's wrestling on the map in 1985, only for it to be vacated five years later
* Madusa being released while holding the WWF Women's Championship
* Details on WWF signing Sable
* Who trained Sable
* How instrumental Marc Mero was to Sable's career
* Chyna's emergence
* When women's wrestling started to change
* Why Nikki Bella gets his attention

and more!

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