Vince Russo's 'Nuclear Heat': Record Low RAW Rating, How To Fix RAW, Attitude Era Shows Being PG

In this Thanksgiving edition of Nuclear Heat, Vince examines closely the current WWE rating woes and looks at simple things the company can improve on to get an immediate bump--before you even look at the creative. In detail, Vince lays out how and why "television shows" are formatted the way they are, and how the TVPG rating IS NOT hindering the WWE AT ALL simply because they are NO WHERE even close to that guideline. In Vince's view the WWE isn't TVPG, but rather TVPC!!!

Topics include:

- How low ratings affect him.
- How they structured Raw in the Attitude Era.
- Having story threads throughout the show.
- The difference between writing TV and booking wrestling.
- Vince goes over a classic Attitude Era Raw featuring Rock's heel turn and Steve Austin as WWE Champion, and how it was rated TVPG.
- WWE being politically correct instead of PG.
- The explanation of TV-PG.
- How far WWE can push TV-PG.

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