Vince Russo On How To Book Tonight's Survivor Series, Roman Reigns, Should Dean Ambrose Sell Out?

WWE Survivor Series is tonight, and is set to be one of the most important events in recent WWE history, with the crowning of a new champion and rumors running wild that a major heel turn could be coming.

Former WWE writer and Wrestling Inc's own Vince Russo offered up his thoughts and ideas for the show on this week's episode of Nuclear Heat. Russo said that if he knows Vince McMahon, then he won't stray from his plan to make Roman Reigns a big babyface for the company.

"I think they finally have the people back with Roman Reigns. Looking at this, it tells me that Vince (McMahon) probably wants to stick with that original plan of Roman Reigns being the babyface. Of course a monkey wrench was thrown into this plan with Rollins being hurt, so that could change a lot of things, but if I know Vince the way I did, Reigns is still the guy," Russo said.

Russo also said that despite the Reigns heel turn rumors, he would instead turn Dean Ambrose heel, aligning "The Lunatic Fringe" with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and The Authority.

"I would have Reigns and Ambrose go to the finals and have Ambrose be the heel and turn on Reigns. I would have Ambrose sell out to the Authority, very much like the Rock sold out to the Rock in 1998. I would put Ambrose in a suit. Take everything away from Ambrose that made him a fan favorite. Make him the sell-out. Then you have Reigns in a bigger babyface position. How many hoops does he have to jump through to get to the WWE tite?"

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