Which WWE Stars Have The Longest Tenures?, CM Punk Video, Miz - Renee Young, Total Divas

- Here's the latest episode of Nerdist's Grammar Slam with CM Punk.

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- WWE Network has added season 4 of Total Divas to the on-demand section.

- WWE's website has a new article looking at the 10 Superstars who have the longest consecutive tenures in WWE, as of today: The Miz with 3,463 days, Hornswoggle with 3,470 days, Dolph Ziggler with 3,593 days, John Cena with 4,899 days, Randy Orton with 4,962 days, Big Show with 6,128 days, Kane with 6,625 days, Mark Henry with 7,198 days, Triple H with 7,514 days and The Undertaker with 9,134 days.

- Tonight's new episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young on the WWE Network will feature The Miz discussing Hollywood and WWE. Renee posted the following on the episode:


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