WINC Podcast (11/17): Reid Flair - RAW, Owens Blocking Russo, Rousey Fallout, Billy Gunn Fired, More

Hosts Sean Ross Sapp and Raj Giri and Vince Russo are back to cover this week's Monday Night Raw. Topics include:

- The Undertaker & Kane, Wyatts open Raw
- Sean trying to troll Vince about Tyler Breeze
- Who should turn heel at Survivor Series?
- Is New Day getting stale?
- Did the WWE concede the third hour of Raw?
- Cesaro vs. Reigns impresses.
- Kevin Owens blocking Vince on Twitter.
- The panel buries the Divas main event segment and the exploitation of Reid Flair.
- Billy Gunn is fired. Vince Russo shares his thoughts
- More Ronda Rousey fallout.
- Brand new information regarding CM Punk's training

And much more, including some exclusive news about NXT at the Arnold Sports Festival next year.

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