WINC Podcast: Raw, Is Bray Wyatt Still Special? Vince Russo Tells Story About Young Bucks Heat, More

Hosts Sean Ross Sapp and Vince Russo are back to recap Raw as we head down the road to Survivor Series. Topics include:

Open Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
6:00- Bray Wyatt isn't special anymore?
12:00- A big tag team upset.
14:30- Where were the Dudley Boyz?
20:40- Are Del Rio and Zeb Coulter heels or faces?
26:00- Why the New Day are stars.
30:00- Divas match.
34:30- Main event elimination match.
43:00- Vince tells story about heat with Young Bucks, them re-signing with ROH.
50:30- A prominent Lucha Underground talent not coming back for season 2.
51:00- Vince talks about wanting to work for Lucha Underground.

And much more, including Vince Russo revealing how much WWE TV the writers are required to watch.

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