Wrestling Personalities Remember Eddie Guerrero: Bayley, Chavo Guerrero, Sasha Banks, More

We mentioned earlier that today marks the tenth anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's untimely passing. Several Superstars, wrestlers, announcers, writers and other personalities have chimed in on the anniversary.

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#eddieguerrero Viva La Raza!!!

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Today is the 10 yr anniversary of Eddie's passing. I say passing & not death because u only die when no one remembers u & when u don't have an Impact on anyone anymore. Well, as u all know, Eddie has had SUCH an impact on people. I hear it everyday, of how much Eddie affected their lives. I'm glad that the "Real" Eddie came through his wrestling persona. Eddie had the BIGGEST heart of anyone I have ever known. He loved BIGGER than anyone I be ever known. I've learned so much for my Big Brother,& I continue to learn ever day. "I'm trying Ed. I'm almost there. It's been a struggle but it will only help me appreciate it more when I get there. I only wish u were here to see me. In a way u are. I guess what I'm trying to say, is I wish u were here so I could see U" I know I will soon! Love u & miss u Ewis!

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