WWE Confirms Cesaro Injury, How Long He Will Be Out, Cesaro Talks Return And Cesaro Section

- WWE has confirmed that Cesaro has a shoulder injury, a left shoulder rotator cuff, and has had it for a few months now. Cesaro had worked through the injury, knowing something was wrong, and had an MRI done. He was looking forward to getting to rehab the injury but received a call the next day saying he tore one tendon and partially tore another one. He's having surgery this afternoon and noted that the official timeframe for his return is 4-6 months, depending on how surgery and rehab goes.

He commented on his goals for when he returns:

"I just want to come back as soon as possible. I felt I was building a lot of momentum, and that was all thanks to the fans. I really appreciate all the support I've gotten and I've felt that the Cesaro Section is finally rising and it's becoming undeniable and then, of course, this happens. It's funny, because I am having the surgery on the day we are in Nashville, Tenn. [for Raw], which is where the Cesaro Section originated. I was actually expecting a big Cesaro Section tonight, and I'm sure they'll be there. Unfortunately, I'll be getting out of surgery. [Laughs]

I will be there in spirit with them. I want to keep the momentum up when I return, and I'm sure the Section will still be there."

Source: WWE


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