WWE Legend Celebrating 5 Years Of Sobriety; Dixie Carter & Others Respond, Dixie On TNA In 2016

- Wrestling veteran Road Dogg noted via Twitter this morning that he is now five years sober. TNA President Dixie Carter reached out to the tag team legend, calling him a "kind and loving man" and wishing him well.

Road Dogg - who spent almost six years in TNA under his real name (BG James) - responded saying, "thank you so much Dixie. You've always been kind to me and my family and it's meant a lot to me! Thank you!" Several others sent the 8-time tag champion tweets as well, including Madison Rayne, Sonjay Dutt, WWE referee Jason Ayers, MVP, TNA referee Brian Stiffler and more.

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- Dixie Carter responded to several fan questions on Twitter this morning, noting that TNA will be touring again in 2016 and they are working on a new television deal. PWInsider.com is reporting that they are/were in talks with at least two networks, and neither of them are Spike TV.


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