WWE NXT Recap (11/4): NXT Championship Match, WWE Diva Returns, Gable & Jordan Make Challenge

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live MXT Viewing Party. Please enter your ongoing feedback of tonight's show in the 'Comments' section below. Tonight's show features a title match between NXT Champion Finn Balor and Apollo Crews

Asuka vs. Cameron

Asuka catches Cameron's leg, lets her go, and applies an armbar, but Cameron gets to the ropes. Cameron lands some boots and a splits leg drop, but Asuka fights back, landing a hip attack and kicks and a back fist. A running knee drills Cameron, and sets up the Asuka Lock for the submission.

Winner: Asuka via submission (Asuka Lock)

- Carmella is backstage, where she says Cass has a sprained MCL and will miss time. Dash and Dawson come by and ridicule her. They announce they'll be getting a tag title match next week. They leave a wheelchair backstage for the Vaudevillians.

- Jordan and Gable are backstage, and they challenge The Ascension to return to WWE NXT to take them on.

Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins (w/ Sawyer Fulton)

Bull catches Dawkins with a shoulder block, but gets placed in a front facelock. After a few clubbing blows, Bull comes back with a big fiery comeback that sees him run into Dawkins repeatedly. He hits the seated senton for the top to put Dawkins away.

Winner: Bull Dempsey via pinfall (flying seated senton)

- The Vaudevillians are backstage and say they'll overcome Dash and Dawsons roughneck tactics and questionable morals to retain their titles next week. Aiden English pushes the wheelchair away.

Eva Marie vs. Marley

Eva Marie taunts, and gets pushed flat on her ass before Marley hits a seated hip toss. Eva drops Marley and applies an armbar, but gets an enziguri and a dropkick from her opponent. Eva hits an ugly looking reverse STO that the crowd craps on, and pins Marley.

Winner: Eva Marie via pinfall (Reverse STO)

- Emma and Dana Brooke are backstage, and they both say they respect Asuka. Dana wants another shot at Asuka, but Emma says she'll have to wait, because it's her turn.

NXT Championship
Finn Balor (c) vs. Apollo Crews

Crews rolls Balor up for 2, then hits a big dropkick. Balor connects with one of his own, and Crews answers with a hanging suplex. Crews eats canvas on an elbow drop attempt, allowing Balor to catch him with a penalty kick. Balor applies a Cobra Clutch variation, but Crews eventually hits a front dropkick. When Crews goes up top he's open for an enziguri and falls outside. Balor dives over the top onto Crews as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to see the two trading clotheslines until Balor flies through the air, grabbing Crews with a Slingblade. Crews comes back with a clothesline. Crews flies into knees on a standing moonsault attempt, allowing Balor to hit the Reverse Bloody Sunday. Both men are taken out, and Baron Corbin interferes.

Result: No-Contest

Samoa Joe runs Baron Corbin off, but then attacks Finn Balor brutally. A Muscle Buster lays Balor out, and Joe grabs the NXT Title. He leaves it on Balor as the show goes off the air.


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