WWE Star Is Single Again, WWE Shop Sale, Melissa Joan Hart Responds To WWE Fans Going Too Far

- Canadian TV host Rachel David noted on social media that she is no longer dating King Barrett. The two had been dating since last year.

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- As noted, actress Melissa Joan Hart criticized Kevin Owens' on-screen character for being "lazy" this week on Twitter and blamed the WWE creative team. This apparently brought out some crazies, who have been posting some terrible things on her social media accounts. Hart tweeted the following regarding those fans:

"Attention @FightOwensFight fans & WWE fans: know the difference between an actor/wrestler and his character. You take Kayfabe too far. Don't threaten my family and say horrible things defending a persona. You've taken a fun Twitter exchange and made it into something disgusting. Stop being keyboard warriors, and do something productive with your energy. Stay off my Instagram/Facebook accounts, they're family-friendly (just like WWE fans should be) and my followers don't need to see your gross vocabulary and foul thoughts. How dare you pollute a photo of an innocent child with your senseless name calling?! Please, block me across all social media platforms, as I continue to block you too."

In case you missed it, Hart also clarified her remarks about Owens in our "Comments" section yesterday writing:

The character is lazy. I understand it's psychological and he doesn't have to move as much unless he HAS to. I would never call a Superstar lazy when I know the amount of work that goes into their job. I want to see Owens move the way he did in videos I've seen, the way he fought against Cena. I know the character doesn't HAVE to be flashy, but when he's doing minimal moves, so many holds, etc it looks lazy/sluggish. Not the man, the character.

He's far from a lazy worker. I called the character lazy, but I worded it completely wrong so everyone thinks I called Steen lazy.

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