WWE Superstars Recap (11/6): Bo Dallas Picks Up A Victory, Neville, Heath Slater, Zack Ryder

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars. Tonight's show features Neville and Zack Ryder in action.

Neville vs. Heath Slater

Slater hits a shoulder block on Neville and shakes his crotch. Slater grounds Neville and applies what is now his signature headlock, followed by a big Heath Side Kick for two. Neville elbows his way out and proceeds to kick the hell out of Slater. Red Arrow, end of the road for Heath.

Winner: Neville via pinfall (Red Arrow)

- Are you about that Raw Recap life? If so, watch this show. At least we got the Condemned 2 trailer, too.

Bo Dallas vs. Zack Ryder

Bo has really put on weight. Ryder opens with a dropkick and a headlock. A couple of arm drags keep Ryder firmly in control. Ryder does a suicide dropkick to get the crowd on their feet. Bo outsmarts Ryder and sweeps his foot on the apron, followed by a Russian legsweep to the barricade.

Dallas works on Ryder with a headlock. Bo lands a neckbreaker, but it can't put Ryder away, and he gets frustrated. Ryder ends up hitting the Broski Boot, knocking Dallas outside. Dallas catches Ryder with the Au Revoir as he's getting back in the ring, earning the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas via pinfall (Au Revoir)


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