Adam Cole Talks PWG Working With ROH, Roderick Strong Talks Destination America Dropping ROH

Adam Cole recently called into Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. During the interview, Cole discussed the newly-formed relationship between ROH and PWG.

"I think really what it is as far as just us getting started, Ring of Honor is a very cool company and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is a very, very cool company," Cole said. "I think a lot of our guys in our locker room enjoy working there, enjoy the prospect of working there. Guys in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla would love to entertain the thought of coming to work for Ring of Honor. The fact that guys in the Ring of Honor locker room are so passionate. Guys in the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla locker room are so passionate. Of course, some relationships had been created and relationships have been made so in turn there's a lot that Ring of Honor knows about PWG and PWG knows a lot about Ring of Honor. Long story short, I really feel like the company realizes how much it can benefit from each other. PWG has a very strong West Coast presence. Ring of Honor is pretty much in control as far as independently goes in the United States and we're on television so we're not even an independent anymore, even though some people view us that way. Again, the potential growth with the two of us coming together is stronger than doing this by our self. It's kind of like a strength-in-numbers thing. With NXT being around, I think a company like Ring of Honor and PWG being together is just going to help our cause. It certainly won't hurt us."

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Roderick Strong also called into Busted Open and talked about ROH moving from Destination America to Comet.

"It is obviously something that's a little upsetting, the fact that we lost Destination America, just based off that exposure," said Strong. "But it's a thing with their channel that they're trying to get away from wrestling and I feel, honestly, it's their loss. With this Comet TV opportunity, it gives us the chance to be a focal point and also try to help the network itself which is kind of something we did with HDNet before, where it was not very well known and we were kind of trying to help each other out like a buddy system. I think that's the same situation we're in now with Comet TV and I think obviously with the more exposure that we've had, this is just a bigger opportunity for Comet TV and us. I hope it just continues to add to the exposure and we just make the best of it."

Strong also took a shot at the paranormal programming on Destination America.

"The fact that people watch shows like that is ridiculous. I've sat on that channel and I've watched some of it and I'm like, 'There is no way people are thoroughly entertained by this kind of thing.' But I guess they had some special and it did really well in ratings and it's something they want to go more towards, which is fine with me because I know what Ring of Honor brings to the table and I really think they're missing out."

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