Backstage News On Who Is Writing Most Of The WWE SmackDown Creative Now

It was noted on a recent episode of MLW Radio that "Road Dogg" BG James is the one writing most of the creative for WWE SmackDown these days. This makes his recent social media responses to fan criticism pretty interesting.


On a related note, we told you about how Road Dogg recently told fans to try checking out Lucha Underground or Ring of Honor if they were so unhappy with the WWE product. He was responding to a fan that wrote, "ISIS didn't bomb WWE Survivor Series tonight. WWE Creative did." It was speculated that James' controversial tweet mentioning Lucha Underground and ROH could really get him into hot water with WWE higher-ups. It was said that if someone in WWE wanted to get James in trouble, all they would have to do is bring those tweets to the right people's attention, if they haven't been seen already.

Below is Road Dogg's original tweet and a follow-up that was posted:


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Source: MLW Radio