Bayley Talks Fans Hating Eva Marie, If She Would Turn Heel, Making It To The Main Roster

Digital Spy recently interviewed NXT Divas Champion Bayley, who was promoting Wednesday's NXT Takeover special in the U.K. Below are a few highlights:

The reaction to Eva Marie at Full Sail:

"I thought it was amazing... I love being in a ring with Eva Marie because of the crowd reaction she gets. It also helps me feed off of it. Even being in the ring with her is something really special. This may sound funny – I've never heard fans boo somebody as much as they boo her. To me it's amazing because the fans really care about what's going on in the ring.


"Whether they hate her, or they love me, or they just don't want this match to happen, or they do want the match to happen, whatever it is they care about it. It's an amazing feeling that a person can get the reaction like she does from all these fans. They hate her and it just makes our job so much more fun. At least for me – I don't know how she feels!"

Making it to the main roster:

"I don't know if the women's title here is the key to the main roster, but I'm willing to be here as long as I possibly can and keep learning and keep getting better and just prepare more for when I do get the call for the main roster. I'm not in any rush or anything, but it seems like if I hold this title that I could possibly be up there one day. There are already two former NXT Women's Champions [Paige and Charlotte] who are Divas Champions up there now, so we'll see."


If she would turn heel:

"If it came down to it and it was something that I had to do and it was a pivotal point in my career and it would take me to that next level, I would have to do it because it's for my career. I don't know how the fans would react to it. That's just another challenge in itself for me. If that time comes I'm excited to see where it goes and where it takes me."

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Bayley also discussed working with William Regal and Robbie Brookside, Breaking Ground, Asuka, her Takeover matches with Sasha Banks and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Digital Spy

JC Twenty contributed to this article.