Becky Lynch On Getting Called To Main Roster, Who Came Up With "Four Horsewomen," Favorite Match

On episode 201 of Talk Is Jericho, 'The Man Of 1,004 Holds' Chris Jericho spoke with WWE's Becky Lynch. 'The Lass Kicker' talked about the Four Horsewomen, the Divas Revolution, and getting called up to WWE's main roster.

Apparently, Lynch, Bayley, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks did not come up with the Four Horsewomen name themselves. Rather, a writer gave the group that name.

"Well, we didn't start calling ourselves that and then we did an interview and then we were called the Four Horsewomen."

Lynch admitted that she did not know any of the other Horsewomen prior to meeting in NXT.

"I didn't know any of them and I remember just being at home and I looked them up on the internet, but I didn't know them. I hadn't seen them work before. I think I saw a few of [Sasha Banks'] independent matches, but that was it. That was it. I certainly never saw Charlotte work before."

Lynch said the Four Horsewomen never had a grand scheme of revolutionizing women's wrestling. Instead, their chemistry and camaraderie grew over time.

"[Chemistry] developed slowly. We were just all so passionate about it. We just really love wrestling. All of us just love wrestling and that's it. It wasn't a thing where we were like, 'oh, we're going to build this!' It was just that we loved it and everybody wanted to get better constantly and everybody was so willing to help each other out. Like, when I arrived, Lord, have mercy, I couldn't do my makeup and hair and these are all the little things that you need." Lynch continued, "Sasha really helped me with all those things and everything like that."

Lynch said the Divas Revolution was underway before the Four Horsewomen came to prominence, as Emma and Paige had a good match at NXT TakeOver: Arrival, which led to subsequent women's matches receiving more time.

"It just slowly chipped our way up there [to having longer matches in NXT]. A lot of it started, you know, Paige and Emma had a really good match on the first [NXT] TakeOver, Arrival. And then, [Natalya] and Charlotte upped the bar. And then, Sasha and Charlotte upped the bar. And then, it kept going, kept going, and then we had the fatal four-way [at NXT TakeOver: Rival]. And then, it was me and Sasha [at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable]. And then, Sasha and Bayley at [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn, which is one of the best matches, hands down, I've ever seen."

Lynch said her favorite match was against Banks at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. At the special event, Lynch put her steampunk gimmick together and she indicated that the Full Sail crowd singing her theme song at the end of the match is a most cherished memory.

"Yeah, 100%. I think that was kind of my coming out party and Sasha is just incredible. She's incredible and to get to work with her on a special and it was semi main [event] and just, I felt like the story that was told in that match, everybody was invested in it and I just gave my whole heart and soul into it."

On the subject of getting called up to WWE's main roster, Lynch admitted that she was in no hurry to move on from NXT.

"I was never in a rush to get up here [to the main roster] because NXT was so amazing. I think before with the whole developmental thing, it was all, 'oh, I [have] got to get up to the main roster', but with NXT, we were building this, just like [Jericho] said, this incredible entity and you can feel it and everybody was so passionate and so excited and the women's division was unparalleled. It's just absolutely amazing."

Lynch stated that she received the call from WWE Talent Relations Executive Mark Carrano about moving up to the main roster while she was recovering from an injury.

"I was actually out injured when I got the call because I had sprained my hip flexor, my hip becsor. I sprained that when we were in Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania] and I was out. This was shortly after the match I had with Sasha at [NXT] TakeOver [Unstoppable], but I was just starting to get better."

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As for debuting on WWE Monday Night RAW with fellow Horsewomen Charlotte and Banks, Lynch said it was a positive experience. While getting a character over when two other characters are debuting on television at the same time is difficult, Lynch is sure she will eventually get the promo time needed to flesh out her character.

"It was amazing. It was absolutely amazing. I feel like we all need to be up here together and I can't wait for Bayley to come up as well because I feel that we're a unit even though we might be on separate teams, there's an energy and a chemistry between all of us. If [only] one of us came, it's not as much of a statement."

In addition to these topics, Lynch talked about her WWE tryout, moving to Orlando, Florida to be closer to TNA, and much more. To listen to the whole podcast, click here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Talk Is Jericho with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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