Big E Talks Not Having A Powerhouse Gimmick, New Day Not Clicking With Audiences At First

Brian Fritz of The Sporting News recently interviewed Big E. Below are a couple of highlights:

New Day not clicking with audiences at first:

"I get a lot of people's lack of optimism at first. When we were first met with the idea, we looked at each other and wondered how we were going to make this work. I think the biggest takeaway is being patient. I think a lot of times with our fans, I think a lot of people were very quick to dismiss what we were. And I get why. I think often times it's just a matter of being patient with an act; letting it evolve, letting it grow and seeing what it becomes. We were glad we were given enough time to make it work."

Not having a powerhouse gimmick:

"We already had Ryback. We had Mark Henry. There are some guys in that powerhouse vein who were serious and I wanted to do something a bit different and be myself. I think I have a strange, off-kilter sense of humor and things I enjoy are a bit different. A lof of stuff I did in our car rides was stuff I wanted to do on TV."

Big E also talked about the last six months being "a godsend," a lot of New Day's ideas being rejected early on, New Day's chemistry and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Sporting News


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