Daniel Bryan Says Sheamus Gave Him Some Of His Best Matches, Wants Shinsuke Nakamura In WWE

Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Yahoo about several topics, including Sheamus and Shinsuke Nakamura. You can see highlights below, and read the full interview at this link.

Who has given him his best matches in recent years:


"Sheamus. I love his wrestling style. He wrestles a very physical style. I remember we did a European tour together and we were booked to wrestle each other every night. Our best match was right after my 18-second loss to Sheamus at Wrestlemania."

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Who he'd like in WWE from outside promotions:

"I wouldn't call the Japanese promotions "indie", but I'd love to bring Shinsuke Nakamura over. I love Shinsuke and I've known him for ages. What I love about his style is that he incorporates facets of reality into his matches.