Ethan Carter III Talks Favorite TNA Knockout And Favorite Opponent, WWE NXT Success

Ethan Carter III recently spoke with Robert Krupar of the Art of Wrestling website in the Czech Republic. The full interview can be found at this link. Robert sent the following highlights:

You have wrestled numerous staple names, associated with the professional wrestling scene in the United States. Who have been some of your most memorable opponents, and who are you good friends with in the industry?

"I've been fortunate to share the ring with great wrestlers of legendary status, and those that will fill their boots in the future. It wouldn't be fair to list names without feeling as though I missed someone, but I can say that my favorite opponent has been Kurt Angle. Kurt was one of the reasons I fell in love with wrestling, and one the reason I decided to pursue it as a career."

TNA Knockouts Division is very popular among the fans since 2007. Are you a fan of women´s wrestling and who´s your favourite Knockout?

"I'm very much a fan of women's wrestling and the effort our knockouts and women throughout wrestling have put forth in changing it's previous perception. They are very skilled athletes who deserve recognition for that fact. As far as my favorite, I don't play favorites (Gail Kim)."

As a former WWE developmental talent, what are your thoughts on the current success of NXT?

"It's far different from the incarnation I was on and that is obviously for the better. They have a very good show and I'm happy to see the success of the people who are there."

EC3 also discussed his inspirations, TNA Impact Wrestling and more in the full interview.


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