Former WWE Women's Champion Responds To "Extremely Difficult" Reports

- We noted yesterday via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Lucha Underground promotion has replaced former WWE Women's Champion Melina with women's wrestler Taya Valkyrie as Melina said to be "extremely difficult" to deal with. Melina responded to the rumors on Twitter and said they are incorrect, claiming that the only she tried to get into Lucha Underground was to work with her partner John Morrison. She said Lucha Underground didn't want them together because it had been done in WWE before.

Melina posted this statement on the rumors:

"I love wrestling,but I never thought I'd see this much crazy from people where they'd start rumors & such,long after I've stopped wrestling. During my career, All I wanted was to be around people that loved what I loved and make magic with them. I'm not even in wrestling anymore and people still keep fabricating stories of this evil, villain of a woman. It's awesome to think my onscreen character was that convincing,but in actuality... That's just crazy!"


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