Georges St-Pierre Says UFC Told Him To Not Go To Post-Fight Presser, UFC Responds To Claims, More

Former UFC Welterweight King Georges St-Pierre has been out of action for two years now, and he didn't leave the UFC on the best of terms. According to GSP, he wasn't welcomed to the post-fight press conference after his close title fight over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.

"I didn't know something bad was going on until they say 'you're not allowed to go to the press conference,'" St-Pierre told Ariel Helwani on Monday's MMA Hour "I found that it was kind of weird, I was waiting in the locker room a long time, it was like, that was kind of weird. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized what was going on."

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GSP announced after the fight that he was taking a hiatus, and also mentioned that the UFC took his title belt from him after saying that. St-Pierre said after previous title wins, he'd present a copy of the title belt to a training partner, coach, family member or sponsor that helped him earn it.

A UFC official has refuted GSP's claims that the company asked St-Pierre to not attend UFC 167 post-fight press conference, instead saying they were told that doctors had suggested St-Pierre be taken to the hospital immediately for precautionary reasons. The official also told MMA Fighting that GSP declined that treatment and chose to attend the press conference.

GSP has been surrounded in return rumors of late, but wouldn't confirm either way about his future in mixed martial arts.


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