Goldberg Reveals Favorite Match In His Career, Why He Was Never Able To Replicate That Match, More

Former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg spoke with Sportstown Chicago recently to promote his new film Checkpoint. During the interview, Goldberg was asked about his favorite match, specifically if Halloween Havoc 1998 topped the list.

"Absolutely. And I agree to that because of who my dance partner was. And it was Dallas Page. Dallas had a lot to do with the success of my career. When he approached me with a 14-page wrestling match, I was a bit indifferent. You just got to wrangle Dallas a little bit. He's very enthusiastic, he's got a very creative mind. My mentality and my persona and myself and my character more so there's a lot of lessons more in there but everything was impactful. I obviously never replicated a match like that because I never had a main event like that with Dallas again and that should show you and tell you who was responsible for that match. Obviously it takes two to tango but I was absolutely honored to take part in a monumental match with Dallas. It was awesome, it really was. There's no doubt it was the best match of my career," Goldberg said.

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You can check out Goldberg's full interview with SportsTown Chicago over at this link.


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