- Former WWE Tag Team Champion Mark Canterbury, known to fans as Henry O. Godwinn, recently spoke with The Register-Herald in Beckley, West Virginia. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Cracking his C7 vertebra in 1997 and returning too early, essentially leading to the end of his career:

"The doctor said it was a clean break. He told me to lay around for 10 weeks and ice it. But six weeks went by, and I was back on the road, lifting weights and getting back in the ring too soon. I wrestled for seven weeks with a broken neck."

Downsides of the business:

"It's rough in many ways. We're not seasonal one year I was on the road 302 days. We sacrifice a lot. We miss a lot, like our kids' ballgames and birthdays. We're just gone from our families too much."

Being determined to make a difference in his community and wanting to start a wrestling program at a local high school:

"I'd like to visit some schools do talks on things like gun safety and drugs. I saw plenty of drugs when I was on the road some really tragic stuff."

"It feels like I'm finishing up where I started out. My life is coming full circle now."

Canterbury also discussed getting into pro wrestling, his 2011 car accident and more in the full interview.

Source: Register-Herald