Jeff Jarrett Talks Conversations With WWE Over Owen Hart DVD

Jeff Jarrett didn't leave the WWE with the door wide open to say the least. His 1999 exit for WCW has been well publicized. As they says, time heals all wounds, and it appears that may have been the case between Jarrett and the WWE as well.

I spoke to Jarrett recently regarding the upcoming Global Force Wrestling live events in January. During the course of the conversation, I asked Jeff about the recently released Owen Hart DVD production from WWE, and if he was offered to take part in it.

"Yes. We just never could match things up," Jarrett said. "No hard feelings on my part or their part, we just never could match. I think it was June when they were producing it, and I had the Grand Slam shows. The schedules never worked out. I am glad they are putting the DVD out for Owen Hart fans. There's a whole generation that wasn't blessed to know Owen Hart."

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We'll have our full interview with Jeff Jarrett available soon exclusively on WrestlingInc. You can listen to Jarrett's comments about the Owen DVD in the video above or below. If you're in the NorthEast, don't forget to check out Global Force Wrestling's live events in January, more details are at this link.


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