Jeff Jarrett Talks Working With Roddy Piper, Wrestling In GFW, What GFW Can Offer To Wrestlers

Mark Suleymanov of The Inquisitr recently interviewed Jeff Jarrett, who discussed his friendship with Roddy Piper, promoting Piper's last movie and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here, they sent us these highlights:

Wrestling with GFW when he said he'd try not to:

"I didn't wrestle on any of the Grand Slam Tours and didn't wrestle at the AMPED tapings, but we partnered up with a promoter in the United Kingdom and we ran our two shows at the end of the October in the United Kindom. As we moved on through the deal, the promoter was pretty blunt about it, that it wasn't an option for us to do business together if I didn't wrestle. He felt there is a marquee value so I agreed to that."

What GFW can offer to wrestlers:

"I remember the early days of TNA giving a kid from North Georgia a hell of an opportunity and AJ Styles went on to where his career is at. We can go on with the early days of TNA; Bobby Roode, and Eric Young, and James Storm. I can keep going on and on but giving guys an opportunity, a stage, and a platform. Basically giving them the ball and hoping they can score the touchdown. That's something that really as a promoter, I've relished the opportunity to get to do that."

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Roddy Piper:

"He came up the hard way and I knew that. I heard stories, he worked all the territories. In California, Portland, Mid-Atlantic; he'd been around the horn. He may not come in as a main eventer, but he always left as a main eventer because he was real and he spoke from the heart. When I got the chance to work with Roddy and work in the same company with him; I worked with him in WCW and then meeting off-and-on, then working together in TNA a couple of times. We remained friends."


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