Jesse Ventura On Hulk Hogan Ratting Him Out To Vince McMahon, If He Has Talked To Hogan, Bischoff

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Last night, we were treated to a spirited GOP Debate, leading into next year's big election. No stranger to elections or politics, Jesse "The Body" Ventura has been dealing with both for quite some time, especially at the top levels of professional wrestling.

Last month, Wrestling Inc founder Raj Giri exclusively spoke with Jesse Ventura about issues with Hulk Hogan that carried over from WWF to WCW.

Ventura spearheaded many contractual changes in pro wrestling, and sued Vince McMahon for royalties in 1990. Ventura also tried to create a union for pro wrestlers, which never ended up happening. According to Ventura, Hulk Hogan ratted him out to Vince McMahon, something he considered a major locker room violation.

"I found out about it at a sworn deposition at my court case. Vince put his hand on a Bible and swore to tell the truth. At a deposition you can ask about anything. I told my attorney how I stood up in the locker room and tried to unionize and the next day I got a call from Vince reading me the riot act. How would he know? There was nobody in the room but the wrestlers, I picked my time. I told my lawyers if they could find out how he learned, I'd sure like to know. I was sitting right in the room and couldn't say anything. My attorney said 'Mr. McMahon, has anyone ever tried to start a union?' and I remember the quote, he said 'Jesse Ventura may have spouted his mouth off about it one time,' so they asked 'How did you know?' and without hesitation, he said 'Hulk Hogan told me.' Right there under sworn deposition, I learned how Vince learned. Hulk continued to deny it, even when Vince went on national TV and was confronted by Larry King. Yet, Hogan continues to deny it," Ventura said.

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Ventura said that he never spoke to Hulk Hogan about the whole situation, and was stunned to learn that someone from the locker room would stooge him off to the office. He also said that the whole situation led to him getting fired by WCW, as Hogan didn't want him there. Because of that, Ventura got paid while at home for months.

"The thing with WCW was [Eric] Bischoff brought Hogan in, and that spelled the end for me. Hogan wanted me gone. My contract had about six months left when Hogan was brought in, and they never called me back. I sat at home and they paid me. Hogan wanted control, and he knew he couldn't control Jesse Ventura. He knows I'll say anything on the mic. I didn't know they were bringing him in and I badmouthed him. Right off the bat, Bischoff's loyalty was to Hogan, he cut me loose, even though I'd helped him get to the position of power. Bischoff's a little backstabber," said Ventura.

You can check out the full interview at this link, and in the video player above. You can check out the extended American Conspiracies book By Ventura at by clicking here. The newly revised edition contains several new chapters and looks at secret trade deals between corporations and select government leaders such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Big Pharma and the oil industry's influence on politicians on both sides of the aisle.