Joey Ryan Talks His Infamous Penis Spot In Match, Social Media Feud With Jim Cornette

Joey Ryan recently sat down with Christian Rosenberg of After Buzz TV to discuss his career, his recent penis spot going viral and more. They sent us these highlights:

The famous penis spot (in the video above):

"Someone sent me a link to the match and I was watching it, and rarely do I pop for my own stuff or 'oh I could've done that better/this better', but I was watching it and I genuinely saw that part and it kinda made me laugh. I was like 'alright that's pretty ridiculous'. So I cut that 27 seconds out and I threw it up on Twitter like 'eh let's see how it goes' and people really took to it."

His Twitter feud with Jim Cornette:

"I probably shouldn't have replied to Jim Cornette. It doesn't bother me when people aren't fans of my work cause I get that not everyone likes comedy, not everyone likes the character stuff not everyone likes every wrestler, that's the fact of life. But I don't care if you don't like my wrestling, but when you try to throw 'gay' as an insult to me, I just feel like homophobia sets wrestling back far more than any comedy spot. So it just irked me a little bit that he insinuated that I was gay because I did this or that I enjoyed him grabbing me or whatever it was and he tried to use gay as an insult and I just feel like that is…that doesn't belong anywhere in the world. Much less wrestling."

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You can watch the full interview below:


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