Kurt Angle Confident Of WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Talks Problems That Have Affected TNA

Digital Spy recently interviewed Kurt Angle, who was promoting his TNA farewell tour in January. Below are just a couple of highlights:

Rumors of a WWE Hall of Fame induction:

"I'll believe the hype when I decide to talk to WWE. I haven't. We were going to have some type of meeting last year, unfortunately it got cancelled. We really haven't spoken. I don't expect them to speak to me until my contract's up and I haven't really gone after them to talk to them.


"Somewhere along the line it'll happen, I just don't know when. Would it be an honour to be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yeah, it's an incredible honour. Would it kill me if I wasn't? No, it wouldn't. The most important thing to me is being in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, which is Olympic wrestling. That's where my legacy truly is. It would be nice to be on the WWE Hall of Fame – it'll happen, I just don't know when."

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Sting and Samoa Joe finding success in WWE:

"I'm not surprised. Or the Dudley Boyz, or James Storm. There is so much talent in TNA that could be on the main roster in WWE. The problem with TNA is not talent.


"Whether we've had the budget the last couple of years... we spent a lot of money and that hit the company pretty hard. We made some good decisions, we made some bad decisions. But overall, TNA survived and they tried to make that comeback again to where they were in 2009."

Angle also discussed possibly wrestling again, generating heat as a heel, learning the business quickly, The Undertaker and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Digital Spy