Kurt Angle Talks About TNA Almost Going Under, If Hulk Hogan And Eric Bischoff Were Good For TNA

The Hulk Hogan-Eric Bischoff era in TNA is one of the more polarizing in the company's history. What was originally thought to be a huge shot in the arm for TNA ended up backfiring, and many blaming the aforementioned Bischoff and Hogan.


Former WWE, WCW and TNA World Champion Kurt Angle recently spoke to WrestleTalk TV about the era, as well as some of Bischoff and Hogan's ideas that ended up costing TNA money.

"I love Hogan, I love Bischoff. Never had problems with either of them. Terry, we've always been close. I believe they did good for the company, TNA. I believe it was very expensive. They probably came up with the idea of TNA traveling town to town every week. It's a great idea, but where are you going to get the money?"

Angle also revealed that TNA going on the road almost caused the company to go out of business. The cost associated with the road tours weren't enough to justify the trips.

"I think it really put the company in a position where it almost went under again. I know it went under at the very beginning, but it looked like it was about to go under again. TNA is a great company, but it's not a WWE. We don't have the extra funds to take chances, to waste a few million today and tomorrow will be fine. Every penny counts," Angle explained.


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Despite that decision, Angle says that he thinks both Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were a positive for TNA Wrestling, but was realistic in saying that bad came of it.

"Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan were very good for our company," Angle said. "Did they spend a lot of money? Yes. I'm sure it cost a lot of money to get them in there, and I'm sure they had ideas that cost us a lot of money. It was a good thing and somewhat of a bad thing, but I love the guys."

You can see Angle's full comments on the matter above.