Kurt Angle Talks About Why He Left WWE For TNA, Says Former TNA Talent Is As Good As Shawn Michaels

A year ago, speculation was running wild about Kurt Angle possibly returning to the WWE. With his TNA contract set to expire again next month, the talk hasn't exactly heated up the same was as previous years. Now, Angle finds himself in a similar position as when he left WWE.

Angle told WrestleTalk TV he had been paying attention to TNA prior to being a free agent, and that the WWE road schedule pushed him away from the company.

"At that point, TNA was making some noise. It felt good to be a part of a smaller company that was getting more popular, more viewers. I felt very good about it. I didn't have a choice. Vince McMahon wanted me to continue to go full time, and I couldn't do the full time anymore. I look at John Cena now, and I don't know how he's done it for 11 years. I did it for six and a half," Angle said.

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Kurt Angle said that the schedule was the biggest part of his decision to move from WWE to TNA, and was glowing about the opportunities to face people in TNA. He singled out Sting, who he said he'd never have wrestled if not for TNA.

"I was on the road all the time. To go to a company where I'd be able to set my own schedule, that was great. To be able to generate interest from fans by wrestling Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and Sting, it felt good," Angle said.

Angle also said that AJ Styles was as good as Shawn Michaels, and had to take the opportunity to face someone like him. You can check out Angle's full comments about the matter above.


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