Matt Hardy On When His TNA Contract Expires, Possibility Of WWE Return, TNA - Destination America

Scott Fishman recently interviewed Matt Hardy for Channel Guide Mag. Below are some highlights:

Impact on Destination America:

"I think Destination America had the best intentions when we started together. I'm much more hands on now than I was a year ago with Impact Wrestling and having creative input. But I think the network didn't get professional wrestling in some ways. I don't think they understood what it takes to truly make wrestling successful on their channel. They just saw us doing good ratings on Spike TV and that WWE does huge ratings on USA. They thought they were going to put us on their station and be made. There were also the little things where they wanted to have all their programming in America. I know there was some issue with some of the U.K. tapings airing on Destination America. To me that sounds kind of crazy. That's some of our best tapings and some of our most rowdy fans. It makes for some great TV."

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Possibility of a WWE return:

"Right now I'm standing atop the TNA mountain and waving the TNA flag proudly. My contract does come up in February. Obviously, I'm going to say 'never say never,' but my intention right now is to make TNA as great as it can possibly be. I think the wrestling world needs TNA. I think the wrestlers need TNA. I think the fans need TNA. I think they need it to be successful and grow and thrive. And I think that is what I'm here to do. I've been put in a position where I can make a difference. That is certainly my short-term goal is to make a difference and to put TNA on the map. As far as my future goes, I like to keep people guessing! That's part of the mysteriousness of Matt Hardy, as well!"

Hardy also discussed WWE stretching out two hours of content over three on RAW, the authority figure being overdone, how TNA can improve their product and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Channel Guide Mag


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