NFL Prospect Meets Vince McMahon, Terry Funk Unhappy With Ronda Rousey In Roadhouse, Coach Talks WWE

- As seen above, WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk isn't happy about UFC fighter Ronda Rousey starring in a remake to the 1989 Roadhouse movie that Funk appeared in. In the video, which contains adult language, Funk says it wouldn't take him 10 rounds to beat Rousey.

- ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman noted on Twitter that he would be interested in returning to call WWE RAW if he could as he feels it would be good for both companies. Coachman added that he hasn't been asked to return. He also said he's proud of both careers but doesn't feel like he belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame.

- NFL prospect Cody Webster ran into Vince McMahon at a gym in Hershey, PA on Tuesday. He tweeted this photo:


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