Nick Diaz Says Georges St-Pierre Was On Steroids When They Fought

The UFC have undergone major policy changes as it pertains to their drug testing over the past year. Even prior to the USADA taking over testing in July, we saw huge names like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz fail drug tests for everything from recreational drugs to steroids.


The aforementioned Nick Diaz had the hammer brought down on him with a ridiculous five-year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, he thinks that one of the UFC's biggest stars of all-time in Georges St-Pierre was on steroids at UFC 158 when they fought.

"I'm pretty convinced about everybody is on steroids. I mean everybody." Diaz told Chael Sonnen on the You're Welcome podcast. "Me and my brother, I don't think (Frankie Edgar) is on steroids, but a lot of these guys, they're on steroids. That stuff messes with chemicals in your head. I'm just talking s–t on everybody right now because as far as I'm concerned, everybody's on steroids. Georges St-Pierre was on steroids when I fought him."


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It's worth noting that GSP has been one of the most vocal and active proponents in speaking out about wanting stricter drug testing in the UFC. One of the reasons St-Pierre said that he left the UFC was due to the lack of credible testing. That was on display at UFC 158, as Diaz says that neither man was drug tested at all.

"They didn't test us because I would have tested positive for sure. I thought it was my last fight ever. What do I care? It was almost asking too much to win and not give away that fine," said Diaz.

You can check out Chael Sonnen's full podcast with Nick Diaz at this link.

damien demento contributed to this article.