Original Plans For The WWE TLC Kickoff Pre-show, Former Star Backstage, Post-TLC Sheamus Photo

- Sasha Banks vs. Natalya was originally planned for the WWE TLC Kickoff Pre-show but that was nixed, possibly due to Natalya being off WWE TV so much as of late, according to F4Wonline.com. There may have been plans for Sasha vs. Natalya to first take place last month on the Survivor Series pre-show. For those who missed it last night, Sasha defeated Becky Lynch in the pre-show match.

- Former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski, who now runs The Concussion Legacy Foundation that WWE works with, was backstage for TLC last night. Nowinski lives in the Boston area.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus tweeted another photo of the scars on his back after defeating Roman Reigns at TLC last night:


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