Photo Of Large New WWE Rookie, Kurt Angle Note, "Resurrection Of Jake The Snake" Now Available

- It's been a long wait, but fans who have been waiting to watch "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake" and weren't able to catch a screening will be able to watch the movie on VOD. The film will be available exclusively on iTunes on January 12th for a purchase price of $14.99 or $5.99 rental. The film is currently available for presale for the Holiday Season at this link.

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- Donald Wood's latest column at Forbes is at this link and looks at why Kurt Angle is more important to WWE than NXT after he retires. As noted, Angle recently stated on Ring Rust Radio that he would not accept a spot in NXT if offered.

"With all due respect, the talent on the NXT roster is phenomenal," Angle said. "They are doing something right down there as far as getting talent ready. I just don't think it would be worth it for either side to have me go down there and work on NXT. Not saying I wouldn't do it, but it is considered the WWE minor league. With that in mind, I think anybody would feel the same way about it."

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- As noted, WWE has signed Jerome Turner, who will start training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL soon. Miguel Pérez of Planeta Wrestling first reported the news. Thanks to Pérez of Planeta Wrestling for also passing along the photo below of Turner:

Miguel Pérez contributed to this article.


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