Ric Flair Reveals The Nicest Wrestlers In The Business, Sting Talks Early Problems With Lex Luger

On episode 32 of WOOOOO! Nation, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair welcomed the legendary Sting to the show. During the podcast, Flair said that Ricky Steamboat and Sting are the two nicest people in the professional wrestling business. Also, Flair and Sting talked about Lex Luger and his heat coming into Jim Crockett Promotions.

According to Flair, Steamboat and Sting are the two nicest guys in professional wrestling. While Flair thinks the world of many people in professional wrestling, Steamboat and Sting are the only two who he believes are too nice to even be in the business.

"The two nicest guys in the history of the business, and I've been in it a long time, are Sting and Ricky Steamboat. Just the two best, and I don't budge on that statement." Flair continued, "there are just two people you think are too nice to be in this insensitive business, because it is insensitive."

On the subject of Luger, Flair stated that Luger had heat immediately when he started out at Jim Crockett Promotions because he had an agent to negotiate big money for him from the beginning. Also, Flair suggested that Luger never had time to develop as a performer.

"The thing that upset everybody [was] he had played pro football and he knew what an agent was, so when he came, to Crockett, he had an agent who negotiated a deal and Lex started out from day one with big money." Flair continued, "Steve Borden, Sting, became a great performer. Lex never got to that level, but in all fairness to Lex, he didn't have enough time to really learn because they pushed him to the top so fast. And, I mean, he hadn't prepared himself."

Sting agreed with Flair's assessment of Luger and indicated that he started out having problems with Luger, but they became friends though bodybuilding.

"Looking back now, I think [Luger] felt threatened. It was a competitive thing and I had it toward him as well because here we are, the same age and kind of the same generation, and we're both trying to make it. I wanted to try to get where he was." Sting added, "we both wanted the same thing and so it was a little awkward for us in the very beginning, but ultimately, we ended up kind of hitting it off because he realized that I came out of this bodybuilding world and he didn't really even know how to eat properly."

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